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Melbourne Escorts: Go Out with A Bang

If the prophecy is to be believed that the end of the world will be this year 2012, then you have only six months to do everything that you need to do. Like saying goodbye to your love-ones, make amends; do the things you haven’t tried yet and most important have as much sex as possible. And this is not just regular sex, let’s do this thing right. To boost your chances of a freaky farewell, we asked women about their favorite kinks. The one’s they’d recommend anyone try before they kick it and this will result to a sexual bucket list that would make any men blush.



Try to visit a sex club; sex clubs has three kinks in one: voyeurism, orgies and exhibitionism. Engage in one or all three depending on your comfort level. Be aware that many sex clubs are couples only and those that do allow single guys jack up the price of solo admission. A man going to an orgy by himself is a little creepy and not to mention impolite. Never arrive empty-handed, so bring a date with you whether you’re currently sleeping with her or not.

Have sex with a celebrity, realistically you’re not going to spend your final nights with Mila Kunis but anyone would agree that you haven’t truly lived if you’ve never had a herpes scare from a C-list celeb and that is in the realm of possibility. But you don’t need to be in L.A or New York City to make it happen because these days there’s a fame-hungry reality star or “Web celebrity” in every suburb and they thrive on attention. Find the Bachelorette star nearest you and hop to it.

A lot of guys are scared to tie up a girl or be tied up but many women say playing with power dynamics is their ultimate turn-on. So try to tie up or be tied guys. Have a sex marathon; several women said their last act would be an all-day sexfest that would include just a few breaks for food, naps and bathroom needs. Many recommended it on a weekday. A 24-hour sex marathon may not seem feasible but keep in mind there’s much more than penetration at your disposal.

Do a stranger; it’s time to pursue just about any attractive person you see and more women are up for it than you’d think. On your last month, we wouldn’t recommend spending it on Earth online but everyone knows there’s an army of horny people lurking there and it would be a shame not to join their ranks before you die. Try cruising over to Craigslists and you will see a lot of women seeking for men and even though these women are looking for sex they also want to know who they’re screwing and disembodied dicks don’t say much about you. The internet provides a safe place to voice all your desires judgment-free and find someone who shares them. Finally, you should also try Melbourne escort services because they are the perfect girls for you

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