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We Will Blow You Away in Bed

We give all the best for our clients and our Melbourne Escorts will really blow you away in bed. They know all the tricks to operate your joystick, using their tongue, lips and even their teeth. They know how to use these in your prime real estate in ways that you’ve never imagined. We all know that men all kinds of oral sex and if our escort girl is down there, you will be in heaven and she will introduced you to levels of bliss far beyond what you dared to dream could exist.


She will maintain an eye contact with you, adding a devilish gleam and you will be in heaven. She will make an O with her hand; place it in her lips and moving them in tandem. She will hold the base of your package and resting her chin on the underside of your shaft for stability, placing the underside of her tongue on this sweet spot and she will quickly swipe it from side to side like a windshield wiper. This kind of move is a great way to kick things off.

She will make her tongue as flat as possible, slowly run it along his pride and joy from base to tip. Taking her time, leaving no spot unlicked and this move will look as delightful as it feels. To wake up your nerve endings in an entirely new way, she will pucker her lips and blow. You will feel the shivers of bliss. She will lick her teeth, tilting her head sideways then press the flat of her chompers against the shaft running them up and down its length. You will appreciate the new textures she will try on you and this move you will actually feel smooth.

She will nibble her way up to the side of your member as if it were corn on the cob, taking the skin lightly between her lips or teeth and tugging gently. These little love nips will galvanize your nerve endings and she will look like an animal to you. Putting an ice cube before diving down will keep you on your toes. You will love the combination of heat of her mouth and the flashes of chillness. Lying on her back on the bed and lean her head off the edge, you will stand, insert your member into her mouth and moves it in and out while she remains still. You will enjoy controlling the motion and because she is leaning back, she creates a straight path from her mouth to her throat, making it easier for you to delve deep.

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