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Boost your Sex Life

Sex is not always exciting as it seems it depends on the time of the year, what is going on in your life and stress level and the bedroom can quickly become a sleep-only zone. Melbourne escorts will help you and your partner shake things up and we put together three easy ways to make your sex life more satisfying.

Communication is very important to all couples and if you want to keep your sex life interesting, the two of you should talk about it. Talking is helpful as well as arousing for both of you. Talking about sex can turn you on, discussing what you find exciting and what you like to be getting more of from your partner. Always think that sex life was like at the star of your relationship. What do you miss? What you need to be aroused again? When you talk about sex, focus on the positive and talk about what your partner doesn’t do and tell them what they can do more to turn you on.

A wink or simple caress is arousing than saying, “Let’s go have sex.” If you develop sex signals with your partner, you will keep committed sex from falling flat. Other couples have their own secrets or ways of telling each other that they are interested in having sex. Like nodding, a word or a certain outfit. Through these, it will help add mystery and suspense to your relationship since only the two of you can understand and identify those signals.

Adding a new twist to your sex life is very important. It avoids getting bored in the bedroom.  You should always introduce new ideas to your sex life. It doesn’t need to be dramatic but steering clear of sexual ruts requires creativity. Do what depends on your comfort level and start switching up where and when you usually have sex. Like if you always do it in your bedroom, try it in the kitchen, garden or even hotel rooms. Changing the place and situation will help heat things up. The point here is to take the predictability out of committed sex and make it more interesting.

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