I booked Deni the other night and was super happy with her service she sucks dick really well and fondled my nuts just right. I’m defo gonna book her again.

Ricko from Brunswick


I called the agency and spoke to a lovely girl named Nicole, she seemed to know what I wanted in the first few seconds of my call. Nicole recommended the fabulous Lee, she said that Lee was warm and accommodating and loved to kiss and she was right. Lee turned up and made my day, I was feeling down and she was like a ray of sunshine. She gave me the best blowy I’d had in ages and its all I can think about.

Phillip from Whittlesea


I asked for a Latino girl in her 30’s and I got it, I decided on seeing Lorena as I had heard from a friend of mine who saw her and said she was a sexy girl, I decided that I had to see for myself. I called the escort agency my friend Carl said to call and within an hour she was at my house. I asked her to wear a short skirt and stockings. She came over and I was really nervous, she put my mind at ease and made me feel really comfortable. She initiated the service as I was nervous and it was one of the best experiences of my life.


What a pretty girl, so happy I booked her, she was confident, sexy and small. I don’t like big girls anything over a size 10 so when she turned up I was pleased that she was tiny. I thought she would be a star fish but I was completely wrong she rode my cock harder than my girlfriend does.

Andre from Point Cook


Ricki is absolutely gorgeous, she is slim, petite with a Punjabi background. She has long dark hair and one of the prettiest face I have seen. I was told that I could book her with confidence from a friend and wasn’t disappointed. Her service included giving me head and then she let me fuck her doggie. Very happy client.

Ajeet from St Kilda


Indian girls are the best root, I found out on a trip to India recently. One of them blew me so hard I thought the condom would blow of when I blew. I called wanting more of what I got when in India. I asked for a curvy girl that I could feel I was fucking (I hate skinny bitches). Sonia is a lovely size 14/16 with big DD breasts and some of the finest lips I have seen. Her service was AMAZING. I am still on cloud 9 from the booking.

Brad from Rye